Corner Booth




Understanding from the inside-out.

Imagining from the outside-in.

To extrapolate a more potent way forward.


Strategists who conduct texture-rich qualitative and ethnographic research.

Researchers who create future-facing strategic foundations.

Creative-concepters who use distinctive insight as fuel.


It’s time to find renewed energy, alignment and potential between culture, brand and market.

It’s time for a dose of strategic courage. 

It’s time to generate clarity, distinction and momentum.


Along the research-strategy-creative continuum when divergence and/or convergence are critical.

Brooklyn-based with the ability to move.


The work begins with questions and hypotheses.

The work begins with idiosyncrasies, contradictions and latent potential.

The work begins with a brief.


Currently Corner Booth does not have F/T employees, plans for rapid-growth, expansions, sales, mergers or acquisitions.

Corner Booth does have first-order principles, approaches and processes and a trusted professional + creative global network, working towards more equitable practices within our industry.

We really love it here.
Like, we can’t not do this.
This is lifework.


Tamika Abaka-Wood is in the Corner Booth.

15 Years Experience.

Qualitative Research, Insight, Brand Strategy, Narrative Strategy, Leadership Development + Facilitation.

Ruby Pseudo: 2009-2013.
B+A: 2014-2024.

References always available on request.


Work in the Corner Booth.


Works-in-Context Prompts Here

Project Experience: Co-Leading Global Nike Foundation + Girl Effect Insight + Narrative.
Project Timeline: 2012-2013
Project Bases: Rwanda, Nigeria, Ethiopia.

Project Experience: Supporting adidas Olympic campaign.
Project Timeline: 2011-2012
Project Base: London

Project Experience: Leading Global Nike Brand + Innovation Strategy.
Project Timeline: 2012-2024
Project Bases: Portland, Oregon

Project Experience: UNICEF Youth Insight.
Project Timeline: 2015
Project Base: Senegal

Project Experience: Leading Global Clinique Brand Strategy
Project Timeline: 2016-2021
Project Bases: NYC, Oakland, Houston, Atlanta, London + all US states, digitally

Project Experience: Facilitating Global LEGO Senior Leadership Strategy.
Project Timeline: 2022
Project Base: NYC

Project Experience: Leading Global Estee Lauder Group Consumer Research.
Project Timeline: 2020-2021
Project Bases: NYC, Chicago, Atlanta

Project Experience: Co-facilitating The Nue Co Leadership Offsite + Brand Positioning.
Project Timeline: 2019
Project Base: NYC

Project Experience: Leading NOCTA Consumer Insight + Brand Positioning.
Project Timeline: 2021
Project Bases: NYC, London, Amsterdam, LA, Accra

Project Experience: Leading EMEA Nike Brand Strategy + Positioning.
Project Timeline: 2022
Project Bases: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Lagos

Project Experience: Facilitating Global LA Phil Senior Leadership Offsite.
Project Timeline: 2021
Project Base: LA

Project Experience: Leading Meta Cultural + Consumer Insight.
Project Timeline: 2023
Project Base: North America

Project Experience: Leading Creative Strategy Barbican Centre.
Project Timeline: 2017-2019
Project Bases: London, Edinburgh, Newcastle

Project Experience: Co-Leading Spotify Brand Strategy.
Project Timeline: 2022
Project Base: NYC

Project Experience: Leading Shea Moisture Consumer + Cultural Insight.
Project Timeline: 2018-2021
Project Bases: Sao Paulo, Riyadh, London, NYC, LA

Project Experience: Co-Leading Shea Moisture Brand Strategy.
Project Timeline: 2020-2021
Project Base: NYC + NJ

Project Experience: Facilitating + Leading Global Starbucks Brand Strategy.
Project Timeline: 2024
Project Base: NYC

Project Experience: Supporting Global Jordan Consumer Insight.
Project Timeline: 2024
Project Base: North America

Project Experience: Leading Berklee College Organisational + Narrative Strategy.
Project Timeline: 2023
Project Base: Boston

Project Experience: Guest Lecturer [Audiences], University of Arts, Professional Practice BA
Project Timeline: 2018-2023

Project Experience: Judging Panel [Advertising], Creative Review Awards
Project Timeline: 2024


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